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We catalogue all the items in your current wardrobe, piece by piece. This includes clothes, shoes and accessories (things like jewellery, sunglasses, scarves etc.). We match different pieces and accessories from your existing wardrobe to create new and fresh looks.  You will be able to see your clothes and looks

Downtown Street Walkin’ – Florianopolis

The hat I am wearing was bought from a Chinese store  and I kind of wrapped my hair with a black fabric. The top is vintage from Melle Lopese and the skirt I made myself. I am also wearing my Zara man shoes which I wore in an earlier post (CLICK HERE)

Everyday Fur

Everyday Fur Back in Old Sydney town. As you may have noticed I love fur accessories. I use fur to make alterations, I add it to bags and accessorize wherever I can. I love the way it can be used to spice up any outfit. As you can see today

Pink Gucci

Vintage shirt and hat from Tunnel Do Tempo tucked in to a C&A Faux Leather Skirt. Sunglasses Gucci, fur bag made from my vest.    

Café Creme

Following from my last vintage-themed post, I am wearing a patterned shirt and skirt with autumn tones from TUNEL DO TEMPO. Sometimes I get some old clothes from people who don’t know what to do with them!!! The hat is from my brother-in law and the bag is from my sister (its

Sao Paulo

My first shoot in Sao Paulo! These pictures were shot by one of my best friends Carla Godinho (see here). As you all know I shoot with people from all around the world. Many of the artists that I work with, I don’t know or have just met them, so it was so


The black frills are not actually part of the dress, they are coming from the top underneath which I made myself. By the way the long red dress is not a dress. Its a top and long skirt from my mum’s and is more than 25 years old. I love mum’s


Really happy to have shot in Sao Paulo again. Red and black is one of my favorite colour combinations, the colours really bring back that flair from those old funky days. I am wearing a patterned shirt and Red Cord hat all from tunel do tempo’s vintage store in Sao

Urban Melbourne

Melbourne – My favorite city in Australia. A cool fusion of urban lifestyle, fashion and all things art. I had just met Deepak when we decided to do these street style photos in and amongst the city’s urban sprawl. I don’t know if you guys are going to believe me,


Another day in Florianopolis…Those pictures were taken at Forte de Santana.  Leaving fashion on the side a little bit. I really want  to tell about this place !!!!! I f you ever go there you must understand how was the consolidation of this part of southern Brazil as belonging to the Portuguese crown and the